Best Suvee Cooker Reviews- Anova Vs Joule

Sous vide cooking is on your mind and you may want to try your hand at it! So, which device to start with, since there are loads of them on the stores and online sites all seem to confuse you with way too many features.

It’s time to look up best suvee cooker reviews in 2017. The simple thing to remember is that all the products are going to work the same way, boil the water and get the food cooked. But the difference is in the time taken to cook and the way it gets cooked. Most of the devices are still perfect in getting the food cooked perfectly, just in time, pioneer in engineering! Even with that, there are only a few devices which stand the test of time and emerge as winners in every aspect.

We are going to talk about those winners, what makes them so and why should be zeroing on them.

The two popular brands are: Anova and Joules

Anova is a brand that’s driven by passion in creating devices that are accessible to all. Secondly they wanted to include science and technology in cooking, making the home chefs a pro! There it is, with lots of many devices to their credit, all of them great in quality and durability.

Joule from ChefSteps is another leading brand in sous vide cooking. ChefSteps are known in helping people cook Smarter. They are inspired in experimenting in cooking, adding in some more creativity and producing food like a pro. Well we see it in their devices.

Comparison between Anova and Joules

Factors Anova Joule
Appearance Long and heavier Sleek and smart
Apps connectivity Helpful for experienced Most helpful for starters and newbies
Performance Great Great

Well, it seems a close tie between the two.

Point to Note:

  • If you are looking for a handy device, sleek and compact then Joule is the best.
  • For durability, we suggest Anova.

But when it comes to connectivity joule has greater benefits than Anova and that makes it more aspiring in this tech savvy world. It’sdefinitely any of them, as they are rated above 8 out of 10. Zero in based on your necessity, both will prove to be best!