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Beginners’ Tips For Making Curtains

Curtains can instantly add so much character to any room. Should you buy readymade curtains from a store or should you DIY is a never ending dispute. If you choose to DIY your curtain, and if it is going to be your first project here are some tips to remember:

  1. Start with measuring your windows/doors:

This is very obviously the first step to making your curtains. Remember to measure from the curtain rod all the way to the bottom of the window or door. If you are choosing a floor length curtain for a window, measure accordingly.

  1. Choose the right fabric:

Choosing the material and the color of the fabric itself is a whole new topic to do your research on. Once you have finalized this remember to add extra length and width to the cut fabric to allow sewing. Choose a reliable store for your high quality curtain fabric needs so that your curtain fabric would be durable.

  1. Sew or new sew?

If you have a sewing machine and if your sewing skills are good you can sew your curtains. These look neat and last long. But those who do not know to sew can still make their own curtains. You can use hot melt glue or other strong adhesives to make your curtains.

  1. Getting all the supplies ready:

Before you start the project make a list of all the things that you would need. This includes the fabric, sewing machine or adhesive and other paraphernalia. Having everything at hand before starting the curtain would make sure that your project doesn’t hang in the middle and get delayed.

  1. Make a prototype:

Whether you would be sewing or fixing your curtain with adhesives, first make a rough prototype to see if it fits perfectly. You can use pins to tuck the corners where the stitches would go and place it on the window/door. This would help touch up any imperfections in your measurements.