Life Hacks

Daily Activities To Make You Smarter

Every single day of your life matters. No, not for what you do for the society or greater good, but how you live it. The activities you do on a daily basis make you who you are. You can do something useful or just live it as it as it comes.

Useful Activities

For those who are interested in doing activities that can make them smarter, here is a list of things to do when you’re bored. You can do this on a regular basis and reap the benefits too:

Crossword – Crosswords are a very well known part of the newspapers. These are not easy and require one to focus and concentrate for a while. Solving this requires a lot of patience in addition to knowledge. Solving this on a daily basis will definitely make you smarter.

Sudoku – This is another usual part of the newspapers these days. While crosswords improve your vocabulary, this works on your number and logical skills. Each day has a different level of difficulty so that one does not lose heart and stop solving this. Doing this on a daily basis is sure to make you smarter. Another big advantage of this puzzle is, you can do it anywhere anytime, take a break and pick it back up from where you left.

Read – Set aside a few minutes every day to read. It can be anything – fiction, philosophical, etc. cultivating a reading habit is not only a healthy hobby but will improve your language skills and concentration too.

News – Spend a few minutes a day to keep abreast of what is happening around you. You can either read the newspaper or go the E way and read papers online. Today there are many Apps that deliver news to your phone, instantly. This will make you aware of what is happening around the world.

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