Rice Cooker

Home Cooking Hacks And Tips

Cooking can be fun and easy for those who love the chaos and know have a few tricks up their sleeve. There are many social media accounts where the account holders are glorifying home cooking and post beautiful photos of the meal they cooked at home, from sctratch.

For some of us, it is nothing short of a nightmare. The grinding, mixing, the portion control, cleaning, etc can take a toll on you and make you vow to never cook in that kitchen ever again. However, home cooking need not be so complicated.

Here is a list of hacks and tips to make your home cooking easier:


Portion control can be a big challenge. On a day you think you have excess, you would not have enough to feed everyone at home. On a day you think you are trying out a new recipe and want to cook a limited quantity, you have enough to feed an army!

So how to control this? Take note of the portions mentioned in the recipes. You may thing adding a tea spoon here and a table spoon there may just increase the quantity little, but it disturbs the proportions and when you start trying to modify it, there are more ingredients added and eventually you have too much to serve.


Now this is the biggest challenge in home cooking. A messy kitchen can really discourage you from cooking again. The trick is to use the right utensils. Though metal pots and pans can be safer to use (you can drop them and they won’t break), they are very difficult to clean. A little spill over can have you soaking and scrubbing those pots and pans for hours.

When it comes to a cooker, spills are inevitable. I love ceramic rice cookers as they are very easy to clean. I just let some soap liquid sit on it for a while and scrub it off with few quick strokes. Though you need to handle them carefully, they can save you a lot of washing time.