Orbital Sander

The Orbital Sander – A Brief Overview

Thanks to the technology that has made the sanding work much appreciable and easily conceivable by many of us, by offering a variety of powerful sanders that come in different sizes and shapes each solving their respective purposes appropriately. Of all the powerful sander types available in the market, the orbital sanders are the most preferred type for home needs, which every DIY enthusiast would agree as they are easy to handle and at the same time offer the best finishes every time, indisputably.

  • Their working

The orbital sander is also sometimes called the quarter-sheet sanders because they use one-quarter of the regular sandpaper that is held against the square pad that moves in the orbital motion to offer the ultra-smooth finishes any time and every time. These sanders are undoubtedly docile and therefore, the most suitable one for the beginners to get the hang of the sanding work comfortably.

The motor speed of these sanders range from 115 W to 280W, with the base pad size ranging from half to one-third of the area of a standard abrasive sheet paper, where the latter size is considered more suitable for all your typical DIY sanding works for your home.

  • Their features
  1. The size

When you talk about the size, you are actually referring to the diameter size of the sanding disc that ranges from 4 to 5 inches typically. Just grab that model, which you can easily get hold of and work with so that all your home sanding needs are taken care of efficiently. You can certainly go with this model as it was rated as the best orbital sander according to this website by the majority of the DIY enthusiasts for their significant home needs.

  1. The dust port

As the orbital sanders are convenient in size the dust port that comes along is also of smaller size and hence, if you want a bigger one then you should go for that sander that comes with an adapter that allows the orbital sander to get attached to a dust collector, which eliminates the need to empty the dust frequently.

  1. The speed

Generally, most orbital sanders run at 25,000 rpm that is suitable even for your DIY home sanding activities.