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Soundproofing Sash Windows

When we shifted into our new home we were really excited about everything and close we would be to all the happening places in London. Initially, everything seemed OK, but a couple of days later I realized that somehow the noise levels in the neighborhood were unusually high. Since the previous locality that we lived in was away from the city it was much more peaceful and quieter. Soon the high noise levels were getting to us and we were all becoming irritable and restless. Even the baby was getting disturbed and could not sleep well at any time of the day.

We were at our wit’s end and could not think of how to rectify this situation. one Fine day, a neighbor had come over to meet us and ask us how we were adjusting. I was glad to meet some from the vicinity and said that almost everything and everyone around was absolutely fabulous except for the high sound levels which were nearly driving us crazy. She just smiled and gave us the simplest and a perfect solution. All she said was-Get Your windows and doors sound proofed. we all have done that in this neighborhood and that’s the reason we are much happier.

More about soundproofing

I just realized that our single glazed sash windows were absolutely ineffectual as far as sound insulation was concerned. Later I realized that they were not even thermally insulated. I quickly searched high and low and enquired about a good manufacturer who can provide me with a good set of absolutely sound proof windows in the quickest possible time. Finally and fortunately I found this fabulous London based company who specialized in all kinds of sash windows and who have a great reputation in manufacturing soundproof windows.

Without wasting much time, I instantly called them and placed my order and now my sash windows are finally sound-proof!