Bamboo Pillow

This Is How You Can Find An Awesome Bamboo Pillow For Yourself

The Bamboo shoots and pillow, really?

Who would think? You didn’t right? To tell you the truth, a lot of people think that that tall grass that we refer to as bamboo shoots and that grow into such tall poles in no time are just not what goes into making of the bamboo pillows. You are wrong my friend just like the others who think that way. The tall pole of bamboo is actually the material that is used in making the softest and the fluffiest and the world’s most durable pillows. Surprised? Read on.

Strong but durable:

The strongest shoots of the bamboo are not cut into chunks nor are they layered. But what is done instead is that they poles are specially treated to form fiber that are extremely soft and thin and then these fibers are used to weave the softest ever pillows that are sure to not only be soft on your skin but also give you a good and relaxing night’s sleep.

The advantages of the bamboo pillow:

Bamboo pillows are extremely durable and eco friendly. Because they are natural growing plants and they grow up quickly, they are never treated with chemical and artificial fertilizers. That is why they are hypoallergenic also and soft to the skin. There are two variations in which the bamboo pillows are made.

  1. 43 percent viscose from the bamboo shoots and 56.4 percent of polyester along with 6 percent of Lycra mixed gives a super soft texture to the pillow. The pillow is extremely soft and gives excessively soft feel and supports the body extremely well.

  1. 60 percent polyester and 40 percent rayon that is derived from Bamboo shoots. This variety of pillow turns out to be the fluffiest and is really good for making support pillows for the entire body.

In case you are wondering what is better for you, you must read about both the variants and if possible try it out with a physical sample before you decide to buy it. This was a guide for finding the best bamboo pillow.