Diet Tips

Weight Loss Tips you can do at home

Losing weight need not be a very stressful or a herculean task. One can lose weight by following a good diet and exercise routine. If you are hard pressed for time or money that prevents you from joining a number of fitness classes or consult a professional dietician, here are some tips to help you lose weight, right from home.

This post aims to help people lose weight the right way, without having to burn a hole in their pockets:


Watch what you eat. It is easy to get carried away with food when you are at home. If you have a number of people living at home, there will be a variety of foods stocked up and this makes it difficult to control your cravings. Ensure you have a diet charted out for you and eat accordingly. If needed, stick your diet chart in a prominent place, so that it can act as a visual reminder for you every time you get tempted to eat something unhealthy.


When you are at home, it is easy to get accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. If you are already in this phase, make efforts to change it to a physically active lifestyle. Keep things at different spots, so that you will be required to move around more to get your regular work done, on a daily basis.


When you are cooking at home, be conscious of the products used. When you eat outside, it is difficult to control the ingredients used or the quantity of oil used, etc. when you are cooking at home, you have control over this and you can practice healthy cooking.

Weigh Yourself

Weigh yourself every week, around the same time. If you are weighing yourself around noon time, do so the same time next week too. This will help you keep track of your weight and motivate you to work harder to lose weight.